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Workshop Meditative Art

Chakra Yantra, Life Wheel mandala

Discover, paint, draw your favorite Yantra, Chakra or Life Wheel mandala with personal symbols and explanation.

Visualizing you Yantra Chakra Life Wheel mandala helps you to empower you chakra meditations and practices. with introduction of Chakra Dhyana meditation

March 24th, 2012

time: 12.00 -17.00 hs

location: Atelier Pranava, Rotterdams, Netherlands

Costs: 75 €, inclusing materials

inscriptions and reservations


reservations: 0031 (0)624842015


personal Chakra analyse and card readings 35€

tel; 0624842015


Individual/group workshops Meditative painting at your own location






What is meditative painting and drawning?

Meditative painting is an creative intuitive way of making contact with your innerself, remembering your transcedental form, feeling, discovering and experiencing through deep meditation your own creativity and let it take shapes and movements in coloured forms of your choice....

Example; draw your own Personal Life Wheel Mandala, Healing Chakra Wheel or a Yantra Yantra circle to empower and direct your meditations and practices.

Intuitive painting (is painting with your eyes closed and your left hand (of your innerheart connection)
We start the workshop always with a small yogarelax excersise, a meditation or visualisation or mantra recitation.

than we start silently creating with paint and colours the voyage through our innerself...