New Shri Ram Mandhir project Rotterdam

february/december 2011


Cleaning and restauration of the Murties and deities of the Shri Ram Mandir in Rotterdam

Sri Ram, Sita devi, Sri Laxman, Shiva Mahadeva

Sri Ganesha, Sri Sarasvati and all other murties at the

Shri Ram mandhir, Putselaan 192, Rotterdam-Zuid.

In cooparation with the visitors and participators of the mandir and Hindu-suriname society in Rotterdam-Zuid.

Your help is also necessary!!


for gifts and donations to make this project work out

please get in contact with

Shri Ram Mandhir,

Anita Sahadew, 06-16050278/010-4588676

thank you



  • Traditional

    Devotional Vedic Wall Art  


    Decorate your   Yoga- and meetingcentre, temple, (home) mandhir or house

    with an  

    devotional Vedic Wall art, portrets  or  traditional Indian wallpaintings

  • Also 3D- Templewall sculptures in clay
  • Vedic Teatre decors and cenarios;
    for Ramayana,Ram Raj, etc.. Mahabharat, BhagavatGita, Krsna leelas teatre.
  • Stand and Indian festivals design.


Here some examples;

  • you have your own image of photo that you want to paint? please let me know...                   

  • Ask for a free advise and priceoffer

    for your own personal wallpainting.

    Sitãdevi dasi tel: 0031(0)624842015

  • or at