Restauring and reparing of murties and deities

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Reparing and restauration pricelist here

*reparaties en restauraties are exclusive btw , materials, travel,delivery services.



* small untill 30 cm
Big from 30 to 80 cm
extra big – from 80 to 1.50 cm


cleaning, washing 35,00 €/50,00€

Polish 75€ /120 €

finishing/laque 47,50€/65,00€

Mack up;

painting hairs, eyebrows 22,50€/35,00€

Eyes//lips 50,00€/75,00€

Hands/Feet 12,50€/22,50€

Henna, Alti 28,50€

polishing nails 27,50€

Dresses, cleaning and painting

Dhoti/shawl 37,50/50,00€

Saree/Tjoli 47,50€/65,00€

Jewels; cleaning and painting

with jewels/stones 37,50€/50,00€
without 25,00€/35,00€


Restauration of
nose, fingers, hand, foot, face, sokkel/ondersteun
book, wapens, 45€ 65€

Sokkel/standard ; from 32,50€ / 52,50€

Discount action

Laduh Gopala's Kit , washing and painting all small damages

75€ (4 h.) 95,00€ (6 h.)


Sri Saraswati devi


In This Gallery you find informatie about the restauring and reparing facilities in Atelier Pranava Rotterdam.

We work for Vedic temples, particular (Home) vedic mandhirs, churches, moskee's, and yogacentres; restauration and reparing of the marmore, wooden en cupper statutes, restauration of the traditional and devotional wallart paintings in acryll, tempera and fresco tecniques.

Acryll paintings on marmore, granite, stone and clay statutes.

3D devotional Wall Art; sculptures of clay and gesso.

* Prices and costs of the restauration or reparationwork of your devotional statute, time. materials are calculated by the size, hight and damagesof your statute(s) (Deity)


Ask for a free advise and priceoffer at tel: 0031(0)624842015

or mail your question to


examples of Vedic murties and deities restauraties

Sri Shiv Bolonatha, LaxmiNarayana, Sri Hanumana,
Sri Ganesha, Sri Durga Mata, Sri Shiv Lokanatha

For further information and prices

please send you questions to of tel: 0031-(0)624842015

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